Carmody McKnight Summer Event Series



Forever Miss America Wine Collection at the center of fundraising campaign

for women’s scholarships

PASO ROBLES, CA – June 2022 – Former Miss America Marian McKnight is partnering with the Miss America Foundation to launch an event series late this summer to raise money for The Forever Miss America Scholarship Fund.  The Fund is named after The Carmody McKnight Estate Winery Forever Miss America Wine Collection.   For every bottle of Carmody McKnight Forever Miss America Wine Collection sold, proceeds are donated to the scholarship fund.   Marian McKnight and her husband actor/artist Gary Conway co-founded Carmody McKnight Estate Winery in 1968.


McKnight and Conway will be hosting a series of events in California and New York starting late this summer that will feature the Forever Miss America portfolio of wines. The series will kick off with a fundraising event in California’s Orange County and in Paso Robles and will include private events in New York featuring concerts and movie screenings. In addition to McKnight and Conway’s support, other Miss America winners are also raising funds for this specific scholarship. “Without the scholarship I received from being part of Miss America I would have been unable to attend wonderful UCLA and meet Gary and build Carmody McKnight Estate.  I know firsthand this scholarship is going to help create a lot of marvelous opportunities,” said McKnight.


The Forever Miss America Collection is a celebratory sampling of the barrel treasures in Carmody McKnight’s cellar winery. Originating from Carmody McKnight’s legendary volcanic West Paso Robles vineyard, the special series of luxury Bordeaux varietal wines include a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Cabernet Franc, and a Merlot.  The Forever Miss America Collection is available for sale at


The Carmody McKnight Estate land was tectonically formed 26-million years ago by three volcanoes emerging in lava fire from out of an inland sea. A pioneer in the Paso Robles wine movement, Gary Conway planted the very first premium grape vines in West Paso Robles over 40 years ago.   Now within the prestigious viticultural district known as Adelaida District, the soils of the Carmody McKnight are mineral and nutrient profuse, containing over 67 minerals.


For venues and organizations interested in hosting a Forever Miss America Wine

Tasting that benefits the Miss America Foundation Scholarship Program, contact [email protected]

About Miss America Foundation

The Miss America Foundation (MAF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  A primary focus of MAF is the management of all scholarship resources and awards for the Miss America Organization.  MAF offers academic scholarships to women for undergraduate and graduate studies.  The Miss America Foundation proudly provides scholarships for young women in the fields of; medicine/healthcare, business, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, (STEM), equity & justice, the military, athletics, community service, social impact initiatives, and the performing arts.



About Carmody McKnight Estate Winery

Established in 1968 by former Miss America Marian McKnight Conway and actor/artist Gary Conway, Paso Robles-based Carmody McKnight is credited for pioneering the West Paso Robles AVA – Adelaida subdistrict now recognized as a premium viticultural region for Bordeaux and other noble varietals. Located seven miles from the Pacific Ocean and climatically protected by the Santa Lucia Mountains, the legendary estate vineyard, with its three volcanoes, possesses the rarest of viticulturally rich soils making it the epitome of sustainability. The vineyard has never required fertilization since day one.  The region also experiences the sunniest days and the perfect Mediterranean temperature range and climate conditions of any established wine area. Carmody McKnight produces highly allocated, luxury Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc varietal wines that have earned some of the highest scores ever attained and have sold for thousands of dollars per-bottle in international auctions. Allocation list members enjoy exclusive access to limited release collector series wines including Forever Miss America wines supporting women’s educational scholarships.  Gary discovered the property when the crash landed in a helicopter surveying it.  After surviving the landing, Gary declared “It’s beautiful. I’m buying it.”